Potenciando los caminos de aprendizaje a través de la educación superior con la CEO de StraighterLine, Heather Combs.

Heather Combs es la CEO de StraighterLine, una plataforma que proporciona acceso asequible a créditos universitarios a través de cursos en línea. Heather se une al presentador Mike Palmer en una conversación sobre la interrupción que hemos presenciado en los modelos tradicionales de educación superior en los últimos años y el papel que está desempeñando … Leer más

Heather Cox Richardson: ¿Realmente queremos retroceder los derechos civiles de las mujeres y los afroamericanos?

That they will fight amongst themselves as he and his billionaire buddies continue to rob them blind,” Fain said. “We must be united. And not just in our opposition to Trump and his billionaire buddies, but in our commitment to a better future for all of us.” As the Republican Party continues to be captured … Leer más

Heather Cox Richardson: Los republicanos continúan sus esfuerzos para debilitar al gobierno federal.

This decision undermines the ability of federal agencies to implement and enforce regulations to protect workers and consumers, giving more power to unelected judges to control government policy. In Alabama Association of Realtors v. Department of Health and Human Services, the court also struck down the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for large employers, further limiting the … Leer más

Heather Cox Richardson: La Corte Suprema Enmendó Nuestra Constitución

This decision by the U.S. Supreme Court is indeed a shocking and dangerous development. It goes against the very principles of democracy and accountability that our country was founded upon. The idea that a president can be immune from prosecution for their official acts opens the door to unchecked power and potential abuses of that … Leer más

Heather Cox Richardson: ¿Cómo logra Trump salir impune de mentir constantemente?

So, while Biden may not have had a perfect debate performance, the focus on his appearance and voice ignores the much more concerning behavior of his opponent. Trump’s constant lies, rambling, and gaslighting tactics were on full display during the debate, and it is important to recognize and call out these dangerous tactics. It is … Leer más