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Título: No seré ‘ignorado’ ni ‘amenazado’

A group of nurses in the United Kingdom who have taken legal action against a National Health Service hospital trust over its transgender employee policy are now speaking out publicly for the first time. They are demanding that the NHS protect female staff members.

Lisa Lockey, a nurse at Darlington Memorial Hospital, explained to Fox News Digital that they decided to go public in order to bring attention to the lack of policies in place to protect women from potential harassment. She expressed frustration at being ignored and dismissed for so long, and emphasized the need for action.

The nurses filed a lawsuit against the County Durham and Darlington Memorial Hospital Trust, alleging that they have been harassed by a male colleague who identifies as transgender. They claim that this individual has made female staff members uncomfortable by walking around the female changing room undressed and engaging in inappropriate behavior.

The hospital trust reportedly allows employees to use changing rooms and restrooms based on their gender identity, leading to uncomfortable encounters for the female nurses involved in the lawsuit. One nurse even described a disturbing incident where she felt pressured to undress in front of the transgender colleague who was only wearing boxer shorts.

Despite raising concerns with management and signing a letter expressing their discomfort, the nurses felt that their voices were not being heard. The head of HR allegedly dismissed their concerns as a need for more inclusivity and education, which the nurses found insulting.

The nurses emphasized that their goal is not to attack transgender individuals, but rather to advocate for policy changes that prioritize the safety and well-being of female staff members. They have received overwhelming support since going public, including from author J.K. Rowling.

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The County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust issued a statement acknowledging the sensitivity of the issue and committing to investigate the claims thoroughly. They emphasized the importance of creating a work environment that is inclusive and respectful for all employees.

The nurses remain determined to fight for their rights and push for policy changes that will ensure the protection of female staff in healthcare settings. Como este es ahora un caso legal activo, esperamos que puedas entender que no es apropiado para el Fideicomiso compartir más detalles en esta etapa.

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