“Siempre se salieron con la suya”: nuevo libro revela el impactante trato de los Kennedy hacia las mujeres | Libros”

The book paints a damning picture of the Kennedy family, exposing their mistreatment of women and the ways in which they have used their power and influence to silence and control them. From John F Kennedy’s alleged philandering to Robert F Kennedy Jr’s mistreatment of his wife Mary, the book sheds light on the dark side of America’s most famous political dynasty. It challenges the public to reconsider the legacy of the Kennedys, particularly in light of their treatment of women, and calls for a reckoning over gender just as there has been a reckoning over race in recent years. The tragic story of Mary Richardson, who ultimately took her own life after enduring years of neglect and abuse from her husband, serves as a stark reminder of the destructive impact of the Kennedy curse on the women who have been associated with the family.

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