Cómo combatir el uso indebido de la inteligencia artificial en la escritura de estudiantes

Overall, it’s crucial for educators to help students build strong writing skills and confidence so that they are less likely to rely solely on AI for their assignments. By teaching students when and how to use AI appropriately, educators can ensure that AI is a helpful tool rather than a crutch. Additionally, rethinking traditional writing assignments and incorporating different ways for students to demonstrate their understanding can also discourage overreliance on AI. It’s important to address the reasons why students may turn to AI, such as lack of skills, time management issues, or personal stress, and provide support in those areas. By working with students to improve their writing abilities and teaching them how to use AI ethically, educators can help students succeed in the digital age.

“Necesitamos volver a analizarlo. Las mejores prácticas nos ayudarán a ayudar a nuestros estudiantes a ganar esa confianza.”

Laura Ascione es la Directora Editorial de eSchool Media. Es graduada del prestigioso Colegio de Periodismo Philip Merrill de la Universidad de Maryland.

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