Necesitamos protección contra el fanatismo religioso: Thom Hartmann

In today’s political landscape, Thom Hartmann sounds the alarm on the rising influence of religious extremists that poses a threat to democracy. The Founding Fathers were well aware of the dangers of organized religion and took precautions in the Constitution to prevent its zealotry from infiltrating governance.

Currently, twenty-eight states, predominantly under Republican control, are funneling taxpayer dollars into voucher programs that predominantly benefit Christian schools. This trend is leading to the segregation of public-school systems in five states. The Washington Post recently highlighted the blurring line between public education and religion as state voucher programs expand, using billions of taxpayer dollars to support religious schools.

The presence of religious symbols and ideologies in government offices is concerning, as seen with Speaker of the House Mike Johnson flying an “Appeal to Heaven” flag outside his congressional office. This flag has ties to a militant arm of charismatic Christianity involved in the events of January 6th. Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito and Catholic evangelist Leonard Leo have also flown similar flags, indicating a growing religious influence in positions of power.

The New Apostolic Reformation movement, among others, is pushing for the incorporation of religious beliefs into law and policy, aiming to create a two-tiered society in America. This movement is backed by a network of influential figures, including the conservative majority on the Supreme Court, members of Congress, and televangelists who assert moral superiority based on their religious beliefs.

The Founding Fathers’ vision of America as a secular nation is under threat from this evangelical movement. The Constitution explicitly prohibits a religious test for holding office and ensures the separation of church and state. Figures like George Washington, Ben Franklin, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson were wary of the dangers of intertwining religion and government, and their writings and actions reflect this sentiment.

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The evangelical movement’s “Seven Mountain Mandate” seeks to exert control over various aspects of American society, from religion and family to government and media. Recent incidents, such as the firing of a Southwest Airlines flight attendant for expressing anti-abortion views, highlight the growing influence of religious beliefs in the workplace.

The alliance between the evangelical movement and powerful figures like Donald Trump poses a significant threat to the principles of democracy and religious freedom. If unchecked, this growing influence could result in the erosion of the values and freedoms that America was founded upon.

In conclusion, the rise of religious extremism in politics is a concerning trend that undermines the principles of democracy and religious freedom. It is essential to uphold the separation of church and state and protect the rights of all individuals to practice their beliefs without fear of discrimination or coercion. The Founding Fathers’ warnings about the dangers of religious zealotry remain relevant today, and it is crucial to remain vigilant in safeguarding the values that define America as a diverse and inclusive society.