Escándalo de apuestas en las elecciones se profundiza mientras se investigan más candidatos | Noticias de Política

The scandal surrounding election betting has deepened, with a Welsh Conservative under investigation and a cabinet minister admitting to placing bets on the general election date.

Russell George, a member of the Senedd, stepped down from the shadow cabinet after it was revealed that he was being investigated by the Gambling Commission for allegedly betting on the timing of the election. He stated that he would fully cooperate with the investigation. The Welsh Tory leader confirmed that all other members of the Welsh Conservative Group had not placed any bets.

Mr. George is the third Conservative candidate named in the commission’s investigation, along with two Tory officials, Rishi Sunak’s close protection officer, and five other officers. Scotland Secretary Alister Jack admitted to placing three bets on the timing of the election but denied any wrongdoing.

According to BBC Newsnight, up to 15 Conservative candidates and officials are being investigated by the Gambling Commission. The scandal has raised questions about whether politicians should be banned from betting on politics, similar to how footballers are banned from betting on football matches.

The law surrounding gambling is strict, with the latest laws updated in 2005. Cheating at gambling is considered an offense, and those found guilty can face imprisonment or fines. Betting with insider knowledge is also prohibited for MPs.

Labour was also implicated in the scandal when the Labour candidate for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich was suspended for betting on a Conservative victory. The party is set to return donations made by the candidate to the party.

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The scandal has prompted discussions about the role of gambling in politics and the involvement of politicians in such activities. The debate continues about where the line should be drawn in terms of politicians betting on political events. Ellos son Tony Lee, el director de campañas del Tory y esposo de la Sra. Saunders, y Nick Mason, el oficial principal de datos del partido, quien ha negado cualquier mala conducta.

El oficial de protección cercano de Mr Sunak fue arrestado la semana pasada por presuntas apuestas en una elección de julio.

Una lista completa de los candidatos que se postulan para Central Suffolk y North Ipswich está abajo:

Charlie Caiger, independiente
Tony Gould, Reform UK
Mike Hallatt, independiente
Brett Mickelburgh, Lib Dems
Dan Pratt, Greens
Patrick Spencer, Conservadores