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20 minutes ago, Yolande Knell, BBC News, Jerusalem reported that Asmahan al-Masri and 15 relatives are living at a camp in Khan Younis, surrounded by piles of rubbish. The Gaza Strip is facing severe health and environmental risks due to mountains of garbage that have accumulated after the recent war. Asmahan, a displaced woman, expresses her distress over the situation, stating that living next to rubbish is like a slow death with no dignity.

In the past eight months, over 330,400 tonnes of solid waste have accumulated in Gaza, causing residents like the Masri family to live in tents infested with flies, snakes, and a constant stench. The dire living conditions have forced many people, including those who fled Israel’s military offensive in Rafah, to live in temporary refuse dumps, leading to health issues and financial struggles.

The waste management crisis in Gaza has worsened due to the blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt, which limited access to essential services like waste disposal. The ongoing conflict has also damaged sewage treatment sites, contributing to the unsanitary living conditions in the region. The mass displacement of people has overwhelmed local authorities, who are unable to handle the increasing waste and lack the resources to address the issue effectively.

As summer temperatures rise, aid agencies warn of the health hazards posed by the growing piles of rubbish in Gaza. Despite the risks, many Gazans, out of desperation, resort to scavenging for food, items to use, or sellable goods in the garbage dumps. The situation is dire, with residents like Mohammed and Mazad Abu Mila forced to search for valuable items in the waste to survive. Esta es la cosa más peligrosa para nuestra salud. Nunca habría ido a un vertedero antes, pero ahora mismo, todo el mundo está viniendo aquí.”

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